Let’s start by know what is a bed bug? Bedbugs are reddish brown and roughly the size of an apple seed. They infest homes, hotels, and hospitals.

How do you know if you have them? There some signs that you can see:

  1. When inspecting your bed or furniture, pay attention to tiny spots of the size apple seed.
  2. If you have bites to the skin are usually red.
  3. The defecation are usually a black or brown stains on the bed surface.

Some Tips to get rid of them:

  1. Wash and Dry your bed linens with the hottest temperature.
  2. Check the furniture of your house, if you have any second hand furniture

For more information you can go to https://www.epa.gov/bedbugs/how-find-bed-bugs 

Bed bugs are hard to find, but we are trained to pinpoint every sign of them. Contact Us for more information.